The Cat with The Most Beautiful Eyes

This is Coby, an ordinary cat with extra ordinary traits. He is now winning everyone’s heart  with his  piercing blue eyes, impressively perfect fur and awesomely perfect poses. Coby is a rare British Shorthair cat as the common breed has solid grey with copper eyes while his is pure white colouring and icy blue eyes.
The feline has more than 279,000 followers on Instagram, and almost 3,000 on Facebook and both are still counting. It’s an impressive amount of followers given Coby only joined social media in June 2015.
Coby beautiful cat1


Coby beautiful cat2


Coby beautiful cat3


Coby beautiful cat4


Coby beautiful cat5


Coby beautiful cat6


Coby the cat


Images credits to Coby The cat/Instagram, 9gag



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